Joomla Ajax Interface

Now a core feature in Joomla! 3.2, the Joomla! Ajax Interface addresses the long-standing limitation of not being able to make requests directly to Joomla modules or plugins. This limitation stood in our way while developing Ajax-driven stand alone modules for one of our favorite clients. The solution was simple; develop an extensible component that can handle these requests. The Joomla Ajax Interface, otherwsie known as com_ajax, can fulfill requests to any module or plugin developed to support it. This not only allows for Ajax functionality in modules, but allows for the possibilty using plugins for web services.

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2013 Joomla World Conference Ajax Interface presentation

Joomla! Menu Wrench

The Joomla! Menu Wrench module is the result of our complete rethinking of the how Joomla handles menus. Tradition menu modules are all-or-nothing, restricted to only one menu.

The Joomla Menu Wrench module allows you to pick and choose any menu item, from any Joomla menu, at any level, and render all of them, and optionally their children, as one menu on the front-end. You can render top-level and sub-menu items on the same level, and optionally not render the sub-menu items of some, but not all menu items.

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