Joomla Development

Sometimes you need something special or unique from Joomla. Manipulating the system, and thinking outside of the proverbial box, is what we love to do the most. In many cases, you'll find something that does almost what you need, and we can take it that extra bit to make it exactly what you want. For example, maybe you want to regain some Google link juice leaked by unused views in K2. Our K2 Redirector plugin can help with that. Or, you need a custom sh404sef plugin. No worries. Need to control which pages your Joomla 1.5 feeds appear on, check out Feed Control. You get the idea... we love to code, and it shows.


Our progressive development process focuses on what matters most – your message. You are the expert of your domain and that expertise is what will keep your clients coming back to your website. Our team will collaborate with you to develop and present an effective message that looks great and gets results.

Before, during and after the development of your website, we put you in control. We proudly develop websites powered by the award winning Joomla! Content Management System. Not only does Joomla! provide you with a feature rich, intuitive user interface, it empowers you with widely adopted technology that is actively used and supported by hundreds of thousands of users, not to mention us. We have developed streamlined internal development methods, including our own Construct Template Development Framework as well as employ other industry leading frameworks, such as Oneweb from Internet Inspired!.

Recognizing that content management systems are not appropriate for every situation, we actively develop solutions using traditional techniques and methods. We actively employ forward-thinking design principles such as MicroFormats, semantic markup as well as techniques for increased accessibility.

Below are just a few examples of our work. We encourage you to contact us so that you can get to know the people behind the code.

Omnia Audio

Omnia Audio - the World Leader in Audio Processing - was in need of a new website, with a fresh look, that could be easily maintained as well as serve their clients well. Betweenbrain leveraged the power and flexibility of the Joomla! Content Management System to create their new online home. The team at Omnia Audio can now quickly and easily maintain their website, implement new features in a streamlined fashion and are not locked into any proprietary technology.

Mono County Office of Education

With knowledge and experience of Content Management Systems, through the California Technology Assistance Program, the Mono County Office of Education recognized the value and independence that a CMS powered website could provide their organization. Working collaboratively, we mutually approached this project with an iterative development process in mind. The initial phase was a direct port of the content from their old website into a fully Joomla powered website with a fresh, clean look provided by an off-the-shelf template. Completing the initial phase under budget, and with time to spare, allowed the Mono County Office of Education an opportunity to include a number of progressive enhancements to the site.

Telos Systems

Telos Systems

The industry leader in telephone hybrids and on-air talk show systems contracted betweenbrain for their ongoing website maintenance and modernization. Leveraging the existing legacy website, betweenbrain has substantially increased the Search Engine Friendliness and usability of Telos' website. The methodical transformation of the Telos website illustrates the importance of not loosing your audience by a sudden and extreme change of look and functionality. Form, function and ease of use have been maintained while the underlying code is being cleaned up and unified. Once unified, the Telos Systems website will be empowered with the ability to make a graceful transition to an enhanced design.

Comfort Systems USA - BIM

The Building Information Modeling process, or BIM for short, is about leveraging technology to increase productivity and efficiency. It was more than apt for us to use our own Template Development Framework to streamline the development of this website. In partnership with our design friends at Planet12, the CSUSA BIM website represents a massive overhaul and face-lift of an existing Joomla website. Through collaboration with the client, we improved the general functionality and ease-of-use of the website as well as gave it a fresh look that effectively represents Comfort Systems USA and the BIM process.